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Twitter and Facebook Protocol

The Human Rights Legal Support Centre’s (HRLSC) Twitter account, @HRLSC_ON, and Facebook page ( are managed by the HRLSC’s communications staff.

We cannot provide legal advice on Twitter and Facebook. We welcome feedback and ideas from followers, but cannot reply to private messages, tweets and comments left on posts.

If you follow our accounts. you can expect approximately three posts a week, including:

  • Links to recent decisions about our cases
  • Alerts about new content on our web site
  • Links to news releases
  • Information about discrimination and human rights
  • Information about our services

Occasionally posts may be less frequent.

If you follow @HRLSC_ON or our Facebook page, we will not automatically follow you back. Being followed by @HRLSC_ON or 'liked' by our Facebook page does not imply endorsement of any kind.

Individuals who have been discriminated against should visit our website for information about discrimination and how to contact us for legal help. Members of the media should visit our media page.