Who We Are

The Human Rights Support Legal Centre (HRLSC) is an independent agency funded by the Ontario Government through the Ministry of the Attorney General. The HRLSC operates under the direction of a board of directors appointed by Lieutenant Governor in Council.


The Human Rights Legal Support Centre strives to be a leader in advancing equality, in protecting human rights and in supporting every person’s right to live and work with dignity and respect.


The Human Rights Legal Support Centre advances equality and protects human rights by providing a range of accessible and high quality legal and support services to those who have faced discrimination contrary to Ontario’s human rights laws.

Core Values

Substantive Equality

The HRLSC will establish policies and priorities for the delivery of services that take into account the historic disadvantage faced by individuals and communities identified by a ground of discrimination under the Ontario Human Rights Code. Priority will be given to providing legal assistance to members of marginalized communities and to individuals who would be most disadvantaged in self-advocating for equality rights.


The HRLSC is committed to providing legal and support services in a manner that is free of barriers, including physical and functional barriers as well as barriers created by geography, language and by process. The HRLSC will be responsive to the geographic, cultural, linguistic and accessibility needs of its diverse client communities.

Excellent Quality of Service

The HRLSC is committed to delivering high-quality, timely legal and support services through a committed and well-trained staff that respects the dignity of every person seeking advice and assistance. The HRLSC will employ a variety of flexible and innovative service delivery methods to meet the needs of diverse and disadvantaged communities across the province.