Emra v. Impression Bridal Inc., 2014 HRTO 1736

Kujtim Emra worked as an accounts manager for over two years while managing his anxiety. During that time he did have occasional absences related to his disability and was under the care of a doctor.

Following a brief (2-day) disability-related absence in February of 2014 he was called into the office and terminated from his employment. The employer insisted he had quit and was not fired.

The Tribunal found:

  • “compelling evidence” in the form of emails, texts and testimony that Mr. Emra had been dismissed from his accounting position because of his disability.

The Tribunal ordered:

  • $25,000 in general damages as financial compensation for the discrimination;
  • $33,000 for lost wages; and
  • the company to retain a human rights expert of its choosing to:
    • develop new human rights policies
    • distribute the new policy to all of its employees; and
    • train all of its employees with respect to the new human rights policy, the Code and the duty to accommodate.

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