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Our Services

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Our Services

What services does the HRLSC provide?

The HRLSC provides legal advice and assistance to individuals who have experienced discrimination in communities across Ontario.

We can help you:

  • Resolve a dispute involving your rights under the Human Rights Code
  • File an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Take your application to mediation or a hearing at the Tribunal
  • Enforce an Order of the Tribunal if the Tribunal finds that you have experienced discrimination

Legal services, including representation, are provided on a stage-by-stage basis – for settlement negotiations, for filing, for mediation and for the hearing. This allows us to match the level and extent of service at each stage to a number of factors including the needs of the individual, the merits of the claim and the complexity of the evidentiary and legal issues.

Eligibility for Legal Support Services

How to get help

  1. Use our quick online tool to figure out if you’ve experienced discrimination under Ontario’s Human Rights Code
  1. Read our self-help materials and how-to guides
  1. Contact us