Next steps in Cybersecurity Incident response | Mesures subséquentes prises en réponse à l’incident de cybersécurité

In addition to updates to our Frequently Asked Questions section regarding this incident, we have continued the process of reaching out to individuals to inform them of what happened and to provide advice to keep their online information secure as well as contact information for the Information Privacy Commissioner.
En plus des mises à jour de notre section Foire aux questions concernant cet incident, nous avons poursuivi le processus visant à communiquer avec les personnes concernées afin de les informer de ce qui s’est passé et de leur donner des conseils en vue de protéger leurs renseignements en ligne ainsi que les coordonnées du Commissaire à l’information et à la protection de la vie privée.

Human Rights and Contracts

Ontario’s Human Rights Code and contracts: Do you think you have been discriminated against or harassed in a situation involving a contract?

This is general information only. It is not legal advice about your situation.

Contracts are a protected area under the Code. A contract is a verbal or written agreement that is covered by the law. The Code covers all types of contracts. Anyone who is legally capable of entering into a contract has the right to do so with any other person without being discriminated against because of one of the grounds in the Code.


No. This is discrimination in the area of contracts on the basis of sexual orientation. Although religion is covered as “creed” under the Code, it does not mean that a person’s religious beliefs allow them to discriminate on other grounds. There are certain exemptions set out in section 18 of the Code.


No. This is a contract and the owner cannot refuse to sell to you because of your race or any of the other prohibited grounds under the Code.