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The purpose of this statement is to recognize the HRLSC’s commitment to a pro-active approach in providing an inclusive workplace and service environment for people with disabilities.

This statement of commitment is supplemental to the HRLSC’s policy on Accessibility and Accommodation and commits the HRLSC to addressing communications, policies and practices in the workplace and in the delivery of service that are based on differential attitudes towards those who are living with a disability.

In committing to anti-ableism in the workplace and in service delivery, the HRLSC recognizes that individuals with disabilities can offer the best information about their disability-related needs, if any.


Ableism: is a term used to describe the discriminatory communications, actions, and practices against persons with disabilities. Ableism may be individual or systemic depending on the type of discriminatory process.

Disability: includes a physical, mental, emotional impairment, whether visible/invisible, or a functional limitation of the ability to perform an activity, as experienced by the affected individual. The lack of ability may be permanent or transient and may affect an individual at various points in their life.

Commitment to Anti-Ableism

The HRLSC strives to create an inclusive workplace and service environment that welcomes and supports differences and diversity in its staff, its board and the community it serves.

This includes:

  1. Ensuring that practices and communications in the workplace and in delivering service to the community do not reflect or perpetuate ableist or exclusionary perspectives that may directly or indirectly promote, sustain, or entrench differential treatment affecting persons with disabilities.
  2. Establishing and maintaining hiring, promotion and work-related policies that will build and support an inclusive employment environment where individuals with disabilities can participate and contribute fully.
  3. Ensuring that services to individuals with disabilities are provided in a fully respectful manner that addresses and removes any barriers to service, including ableist practices or attitudes.

Published in August 2019.