The next steps in the HRLSC’s Cybersecurity Incident response

Dear clients and members of the public,

Update on Cybersecurity Incident: Reopening and Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing an update regarding the next steps we have taken in addressing the October 3 cybersecurity incident.

In addition to updates to our Frequently Asked Questions section regarding this incident, we have continued the process of reaching out to individuals to inform them of what happened and to provide advice to keep their online information secure as well as contact information for the Information Privacy Commissioner.

Presently, we can still report that there is no evidence of actual misuse of the personal information of any of our clients.

We also continue our effort to completely restore our services and have put in place and will continue to add security measures to ensure that such an event will not be repeated.

Out of an abundance of caution, we advise you to stay vigilant of your accounts and of suspicious emails or links that may be sent to your email address associated with us. If you encounter any suspicious activity or receive suspicious communications relating to this matter, we advise you to to consult the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website at

Please do not open or respond to any suspicious communications claiming to be from the HRLSC.

If you have any further concerns, you are free to contact the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario by phone or by email.

The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario:

Toronto Area: 416-326-3333

Long distance: 1-800-387-0073

TDD/TTY: 416-325-7539


For more information:

Updates and information on this cybersecurity incident, including advice for people potentially affected by this incident, are available at: General cyber-safety information is available at:

For contact information and additional updates on accessing our services, please visit our website at