The applicant went to a convenience store in the early hours of the morning. He had been there a number of times before. There were two male employees in the store at the time. One of the employees was familiar with the Applicant, but the other employee was new. The new employee was watching him and following him around the store. The Applicant picked up the items he wanted and went to the cashier. The new employee accused him of stealing. He turned out his pockets in front of the store camera to show he did not take anything.

The employee called him a n——. After the n-word was used, the Applicant threw a plastic bottle towards the employee but missed him. The new employee called the police and told the Applicant he would be going to jail and “you people are criminals to the police.” When the police arrived he was searched and put in a police car.

The store agreed to:

  • Amend their internal employee agreement to reflect language in the Human Rights Code
  • Educate staff to observe and uphold the Code in the treatment of customers, particularly recognizing the dignity and worth of everyone
  • All new employees in any store in Ontario will sign the amended agreement
  • All new employees in Ontario shall be provided with a copy of the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s (Commission’s) Code card
  • The new agreement will be circulated to all existing employees in Ontario