The Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource Exchange (SHARE) is a service that supports all workers in Ontario with experiences of workplace sexual harassment, workplace-related sexual assault, and gender-based harassment in the workplace. We provide free, confidential legal advice to workers about all legal and non-legal options to address their experience.

Services are available to all workers regardless of age, immigration status, or income.

Our goal is to support diverse groups of workers and empower them with legal information to make informed decisions about which steps, if any, they would like to take.

SHARE Legal Services:

SHARE provides free summary legal advice, assistance and referrals to workers experiencing sexual harassment and assault at work. We provide legal information and assistance on:

  • Your legal rights at work related to workplace sexual harassment
  • Your legal options
  • Income support/maintenance options available
  • Referrals to appropriate legal professionals and organizations
  • Referrals to sexual violence supports and other non-legal resources

SHARE is committed to providing accessible, culturally responsive and trauma-informed services to workers. Ask about our:

  • Indigenous Services
  • Francophone & Language Interpretation Services
  • Accommodations

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SHARE Outreach and Education:

SHARE conducts free outreach and education activities throughout Ontario, offering public legal education presentations and trainings about workplace sexual and gender-based harassment to various audiences including but not limited to:

  • Youth
  • Indigenous communities and workers
  • International students and newcomers to Canada
  • 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and workers
  • Francophone communities and workers

SHARE can customize presentations or workshops based on your audience’s needs. Contact us for more information about SHARE’s outreach and training opportunities.

SHARE’s outreach and training opportunities/Opportunités de sensibilisation et de formation d’ÉRHAS