Next steps in Cybersecurity Incident response | Mesures subséquentes prises en réponse à l’incident de cybersécurité

In addition to updates to our Frequently Asked Questions section regarding this incident, we have continued the process of reaching out to individuals to inform them of what happened and to provide advice to keep their online information secure as well as contact information for the Information Privacy Commissioner.
En plus des mises à jour de notre section Foire aux questions concernant cet incident, nous avons poursuivi le processus visant à communiquer avec les personnes concernées afin de les informer de ce qui s’est passé et de leur donner des conseils en vue de protéger leurs renseignements en ligne ainsi que les coordonnées du Commissaire à l’information et à la protection de la vie privée.

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Defending your Human Rights in Ontario

The HRLSC can help you if you need legal advice or assistance with respect to a matter covered by the Ontario Human Rights Code (or the “Code”).

Be sure to complete our Decision Tree to see if you are eligible for services. If you are eligible, HRLSC can provide the following legal support services:

  • Resolve a dispute involving your rights under the Human Rights Code
  • File an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
  • Take your application to mediation or at a hearing before the Tribunal
  • Enforce an Order of the Tribunal if the Tribunal finds that you have experienced discrimination
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Workplace Sexual Harrassment: What Are Your Rights?

Survivors of sexual harassment and violence in the workplace and in other specific social settings (for example, in schools, at your doctor’s office, on campus) have the right to protection under Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

The HRLSC’s Sexual Harassment and Assault Resource Exchange (SHARE) team provides free, confidential legal advice to all workers in Ontario experiencing sexual harassment, sexual assault, and gender-based harassment at work about their legal and non-legal options.

Steps to Justice

For legal advice outside of human rights law or Ontario’s Human Rights Code

Navigating The Ontario Human Rights System

The Ontario Human Rights System is made up of three separate agencies:


The OHRC advances human rights in Ontario through research, education, targeted legal action and policy development. Please note: the HRLSC — not the OHRC — takes phone calls about human rights cases.
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The HRLSC offers human rights legal advice and support services to anyone experiencing discrimination under Ontario’s Human Rights Code. Our services may also include legal assistance in filing applications at the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO), and legal representation at mediations and hearings.


You can begin your case of discrimination and harassment under Ontario’s Human Rights Code by filing an application with the HRTO. The HRTO offers the opportunity to settle cases through its mediation services and conducts adjudication of cases by holding hearings.