Next steps in Cybersecurity Incident response | Mesures subséquentes prises en réponse à l’incident de cybersécurité

In addition to updates to our Frequently Asked Questions section regarding this incident, we have continued the process of reaching out to individuals to inform them of what happened and to provide advice to keep their online information secure as well as contact information for the Information Privacy Commissioner.
En plus des mises à jour de notre section Foire aux questions concernant cet incident, nous avons poursuivi le processus visant à communiquer avec les personnes concernées afin de les informer de ce qui s’est passé et de leur donner des conseils en vue de protéger leurs renseignements en ligne ainsi que les coordonnées du Commissaire à l’information et à la protection de la vie privée.

The Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC) is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personal information. We are committed to protecting your privacy whether you are browsing for information or conducting business with the HRLSC electronically.

The handling of all personal information by the HRLSC is governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). The HRLSC collects and uses personal information only as required for business purposes. Personal information is not sold to third parties. It is disclosed only as authorized by law. Information provided when contacting the HRLSC is not disclosed to anyone except HRLSC personnel where it is necessary for the performance of the duties of an HRLSC employee.

Under FIPPA, individuals have the right to request access to information which the HRLSC holds. Where a request is denied, a written decision is provided, setting out the reasons for the denial. The requester has a right of appeal to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC).

Please note that if you make an application to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) under the Human Rights Code (Code), you will be initiating a legal proceeding under which additional privacy considerations may apply. In particular, if you make an application to the HRTO under the Code, your personal information, including your name, may be disclosed publicly in a decision or order of the HRTO.

You can also read the complete HRLSC Privacy Policy for more details.


E-mail and on-line forms are not secure against interception and senders cannot expect privacy. If you are concerned about transmitting personal information to the HRLSC via e-mail, you can contact us by fax, telephone or mail.

HRLSC FIPPA Coordinator

To contact the FIPPA Coordinator, please contact:

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Legal Services (Policy and Programs)
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