The HRLSC represented Amanda Lugonia, who quit her job to accept a maternity-leave contract with Arista Homes. After a two-stage interview process, Ms. Lugonia attended a third meeting and was offered the job. On her third shift she revealed to the woman whose position she would be filling that she had just found out she was pregnant. When she arrived for her fourth shift, she was terminated.

The Tribunal found that:

  • Ms. Lugonia’s evidence was more credible; and
  • that “there were absolutely no signs of any dissatisfaction on the respondent’s part as of the end of the applicant’s third shift and suddenly she was terminated at the beginning of her fourth shift.”

The Tribunal ordered:

  • $15,000 in general damages as financial compensation for the discrimination;
  • the company to retain a human rights expert to develop and implement a comprehensive human rights policy;
  • the company must provide all current and future employees with copies of the new policy; and
  • to deliver the new policy within six months to Ms. Lugonia’s lawyer at the HRLSC.

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