Del Grande v. 2057161 Ontario Inc., 2013 HRTO 1859

The HRLSC represented a man with very low vision who had approached an employment agency for help finding a job. The agency assured him they could help him with his search, but then they consistently failed to provide him with accommodation, for instance they did not give him documents that were accessible. Although they initially responded to the human rights application they failed to show for the hearing.

The Tribunal ordered:

  • $3,995 in special damages (the amount he paid the agency);
  • $5,000 financial compensation for the discrimination and harassment;
  • The Agency to hire a human rights expert to develop a human rights policy with a section on accommodation of persons with disabilities;
  • All present and future employees to take the Ontario Human Rights Commission’s Human Rights 101 on-line course; and
  • Posting of a Human Rights Code card in the office

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